Standard Double Room Double
bed type

In this Room type we have option to select either 2 single beds or 1 double bed with Air conditioning, Bathroom, Free WIFI, Iron, Carpeted, Shower, Bathrobe, Free Toiletries, Television, Telephone, Cable/ Satellite T.V

Deluxe Double Room Double
bed type

This is Standard Triple Room with 1 Single and 1 Double Large bed with Ironing Facility, Carpeted, Shower, Hairdryer, Bathrobe, Free Toiletries,

Deluxe Triple Room 27 m2

This room has 1 Sofa bed and 1 large bed. It is 27 m2. with air condition, wifi, Private bath room, Iron facilities.

Suite 3 Double
bed type

In this suite there is 1 Double bed in Bedroom and 1 Sofa Bed in Living Room with Air Conditioning, Bath, Free WIFI, Satellite Channels, Safety Deposit Box, Television, Telephone, Bathrobes, Toilet, Free Toiletries,Hairdrer, Carpeted, Shower,Iron, Desk.